Cambridge IELTS 6 Student’s Book with answers

Cambridge IELTS 6 Student's Book with answers

Publisher’s description:

Provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with IELTS and to practice examination techniques using authentic test material prepared by Cambridge ESOL. Each collection contains four complete tests for Academic candidates, plus extra Reading and Writing modules for General Training candidates. An introduction to these different modules is included in each book, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge ESOL. A comprehensive section of answers and tape scripts makes the material ideal for self-study.

Contains 4 authentic IELTS papers from Cambridge ESOL, providing the most authentic exam practice available.

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Purpose: Preparation for Academic and General Training Modules of IELTS exam.

Tests included: 4 Academic Module tests, 2 Reading and Writing parts for General Training test

Answer keys: Included.

Explanation for the Answer keys: Not included.

Answer sheets: Included.

Listening Transcripts: Included.

People like

  • The tests are very close to the real IELTS test in terms of format, design and level of difficulty. They give a perfect idea of what to expect in the IELTS exam.
  • The score a student gets in Cambridge IELTS 6 tests is a good estimate of a score in a real exam.
  • These tests help the test taker to find out his weak skills and work on them.
  • There are model answers for the Writing test (3 essays, 2 reports and 3 letters written by examiners) which give a clear idea of a good answer.
  • There are sample answers for the Writing test written by students and graded by the examiners. The tasks include three essays of Band 4, Band 6 and Band 7, two reports of Band 7 and Band 8, and one letter of Band 5. They help to understand what can cause a student to lose points in the Writing test.

People don’t like

In General

  • Tips and strategies for tasks handling in IELTS exam, together with time management techniques are a must for optimizing a student’s score. Cambridge IELTS 6 doesn’t offer anything of that kind, only the tests.

Practice tests:

  • There are less General Training practice tests (only 2) than Academic Module (4 tests).
  • The General Training tests contain only Reading and Writing sections.
  • It is also difficult to understand how to perform well in Speaking because there are no sample answers for it.
  • There is no CD with the book, which makes the Listening tests useless. The CD can be ordered separately here – click to order.

Conclusion: The book is a great exam practice material. It should probably be combined with another book that offers tips and strategies for the exam, especially for people who study alone and not in a class. The CD for the Listening tests is not included and must be purchased separately here. The book is probably more suitable for Academic IELTS candidates than for General Training module candidates.

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